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Friday, July 31, 2009

KRAFT - Ice Cream Sandwich Cake (made with store bought ice cream sanwiches)

OMG!!!! I just made this cake a few days ago and it is so EASY & AMAZING!!! ....and sooooo DELICIOUS.
When you tell people how you made it, it's like telling them how you did a magic trick. :)
Go to the link below and the "KRAFT" lady will show you how to make it on her video.


A Few Tips:

  • Make SURE the ice cream sandwiches are REALLY FROZEN. (this is your foundation for the cake.)
  • The way I layered mine - I did ice cream sandwiches (ICS), chocolate fudge mixture, ICS, Hagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream layer with chocolate covered espresso beans (make sure ice cream is spreadable), ICS, Cool Whip Frosting.
  • You need to work QUICKLY!!
  • You need a large and level space in your freezer
  • I used Hershey's Hot Fudge
  • (If you need some creative ideas for ingredients, think of your favorite mixture at Cold Stone Creamery??)

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