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Saturday, July 25, 2009

99 Cents Store - Gift BAGS for all 1000 Birthday Parties you will attend with your child

OK! SO they actually have a website. You can purchase soooo many great items here for you and your child's needs.
  1. NICE Gift Bags - I hate wrapping especially when my son has a million birthdays to attend. (I can't believe I am divulging my secret for gift bags... CVS sells them for approx $5 and you can get them at the 99 cents store for anywhere from .50c to .99c .)
  2. Fun Gift Bag Stuffers
  3. Items to enhance "Fine Motor Skills" ie. Spray bottles, Sponges, Tupperware with lids....(check out my post on Fine Motor skills to get more ideas)
  4. Floaties for the POOL
  5. Potty Training "Bribe Gifts"
  6. The list goes on and on!! LOVE THIS STORE even more now that I have a toddler.

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