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Monday, July 13, 2009

Method - Eucalyptus Tub and Tile Cleaner For BABY P's TUB

I'm trying to convert to SAFE cleaning products considering they touch your skin and get absorbed into your body.

The only problem I find is that some work and some not as good as others.

I have resorted to routine cleaning with safe products and occasional cleaning with, shall we say, "POISONOUS :)" but super effective products. Unfortunately, I think the harsh chemicals is what makes them work so well. (?)

This stuff smells soooo good and is safe to use in Baby P's bathroom. (Underneath his bath mat gets really slimy and this works great.)

I use this once a week and on occasions will do Tilex (Smells REALLY harsh, but works :( on the really gross tile or soap scum.

***For some reason when the bathroom or kitchen (I use this on my kitchen tile as well for "Dog Paw" safety) smell "sweet & clean" I feel like I've done a better job. - Hey,... whatever gets the house clean. :)

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