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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pesticide Load for FRUITS & VEGGIES Website


I came across this website the other day. It is AWESOME!!!! It gives you a pretty extensive list (47 Items) of specific fruits and vegetables and their PESTICIDE LOAD.
This is great information especially when you are feeding these foods to your 2.5 year old and they are not ORGANIC.

I don't know how true this is but when I consider buying ORGANIC, I try to buy everything with a skin (that I would eat), organic. I also Wash much of my conventional produce with pesticide wash before consumption.


1. Peach - 100
2. Apple - 93
3. Sweet Bell Pepper - 83
4. Celery - 82
5. Nectarine - 81
6. Strawberries - 80
7. Cherries - 73
8. Kale - 69
9. Lettuce - 67
10. Grapes -66

**Go to this website and check out: Pesticide Health Effects: The Latest Science
(Children are especially at RISK)

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