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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bio-K Plus - Probiotic

This is, in my opinion, some of the most awesome PRO BIOTICS out there.
It sits in the vitamin area at Whole Foods, (refrigerated section). (It can also be purchased at VP Health Foods on Santa Monica Blvd and in West Hollywood. (It's less expensive at VP.)
It's a little expensive but WELL WORTH IT.
I had the stomach flu a few months ago and my stomach was cramping LIKE CRAZY! I drank a bottle of this and my pain went from a 9 to a 3.
I am going to try to drink it more religiously during the next cold and flu season. Some of my friends drink half the bottle one day and the rest the next day.
They say if you are taking antibiotics its good to take a pro biotic as well to help maintain and promote a healthy balanced digestive system.
**If anyone has tried this product. I would love to hear your feedback.
(Thank you S for introducing me to it.xo)

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