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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Toddler - Fine Motor Skill Activities

  • Spraying Water Bottles - you can buy these at a grocery store or $.99 cent store.
  • Play dough - I bought the big tub at Target for $20. It has so many little gadgets to cut, mold, and do everything else you want to do with play dough.
  • Using sponges - I bought little sponges at Walmart for $1. The shapes are things like: stars, hearts, teddy bear, etc.. We dip them in water and make shapes all over the concrete. (fun when it's hot)
  • Beading - I bought him BIG beads at Ross. (Melissa & Doug set)
  • Painting & Chalk Writing - I just bought him an easel at Ikea for $15. Paper $5 Paints - Lakeshore $8 with brushes
  • Coloring & Scribbling
  • Stacking - I bought the SOFT ALPHABET BLOCKS at Lakeshore
  • Lacing (Lakeshore)
  • Buckling (Lakeshore)
  • Zipping (Lakeshore)
  • Tieing (Lakeshore)
  • Buttoning (Lakeshore)
  • Dressing and undressing themselves
  • Scissoring & Cutting & Tearing (Sometimes when we are on our walk, I let Baby P tear leaves)
  • Ice Cream Parlor Set - By: Melissa & Doug (Lakeshore Learning)
  • Shape Sorter
  • Letting them DIAL A PHONE
  • Lining up CARS or DOLLS
  • Mega Blocks - Ross Dress for Less ($10)

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