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Thursday, November 19, 2009

SoBe Lifewater - Naturally Sweetened Water

I have been trying to do low sugar and no carbonation in my diet. I was referred to Sobe Lifewater by Jorge Cruise author of "Belly Fat Cure," and found out it is soooo TASTY and totally natural. I bought a few of the flavors to taste and made the mistake that some have 20g of sugar per bottle and some have 2 grams of sugar per bottle. I was out to try the one with 2g of sugar. Make sure there is a big "O cal" at the top when you buy.

Fuji Apple Pear is very refreshing and so delicious. You can buy these at Gelsons or Target.

This is what Pepsiproductfacts.com has to say about it:
SoBe Life Water is a unique enhanced water beverage that gives you a high level of vitamins and antioxidants and is infused with natural herbs. Plus it's low in calories, using only natural sweeteners including sugar and erythritol. With its unique flavor combinations, Life Water is naturally refreshing and thrilling! It's thrillicious!

*Picture courtesy of sobeworld.com*

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