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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nature's Way - Sambucus For Kids!! Fight that cold!

I went into VP Health months ago when Baby P wasn't feeling well. I was SO OVER him getting colds I needed HELP!!! Anything but more MOTRIN. They recommended this to me. Baby P would not take it months ago because of the color. I even tested it to make sure it was ok and it's REALLY SWEET!! So, a few weeks ago I reintroduced it and put a little on my finger just to get it on his tongue, VOILA!! He likes it. YAY!
I didn't realize until I was researching onhttp://iherb.com that this stuff seems to REALLY WORK for kids as well as adults. Go read the reviews.
This will be part of my Cold & Flu DEFENSE this year.
*picture courtesy of http://naturesway.com

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