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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quinoa Turkery Burgers - Healthy, Savory & Kid Friendly

These QUINOA TURKEY BURGERS are AMAZING...so tasty and delicious. Thank you to my friend S for giving me this recipe. She is brilliant. :)

Ingredients -
  1. Ground Turkey Meat - Trader Joes
  2. 1 Tube - Mirepoix - TJ (onions, carrots, celery)
  3. 1 Box - Organic Quinoa - TJ
  4. 1-2 Organic Eggs
  5. Worchestire Sauce
  6. Garlic Salt & Pepper & Cumin

  • Cook Quinoa according to the package, when finished, set aside to cool (I usually have left over quinoa depending on how many burgers I make)
  • Saute Mirepoix in some Evvo until really soft
  • Remove from pan and set aside to cool
  • Dump turkey meat into a big bowl
  • Season turkey meat with a little garlic salt & pepper & cumin & worchestire sauce
  • Mix in soft veggies according to your liking
  • Add 1-2 eggs for binding
  • Form into hamburger patties
  • Grill like you would a burger or you can cook on stove top in a pan

*Worchestire Sauce - I know this has HFCS in it so I tried the one from Whole Foods which is HFCS free and just DID NOT taste the same :( so, I stay with the one from Ralphs but only use a little.

*We put Organic Ketchup (TJ) on ours and I always make a few extra for the next couple days.

*I have also broken them up a couple days later (when Baby P has had enough) and put them in pasta sauce


  1. So yummy! Thanks for the recipe. All my family LOVED it. I used soy sauce instead of Worchestershire, since that's all I had.
    Served with sweetpotato and zucchini "fries." I cut the sweetpotato and zucchini into strips and roasted in coconut oil and sea salt at 450 for about 15 minutes. Yum.

  2. So DELICIOUS, I made it again tonight with a bunch more quinoa and an extra egg to hold it all together. Tried to convince everyone else that next time, we won't even need the turkey, maybe add some black beans or other grains and beans. They didn't go for it...

  3. Yummm...I love sweetpotato fries!!! I will have to try them with the coconut oil. These burgers are so yummy. I don't think my family would forgo the "meat" portion either. I am going to try black bean burgers soon and will post them. I just got the recipe. ...although, I may be eating them by myself. :) Also, quinoa turkey meatloaf,.. comin up soon. :)


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