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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas for Ages 1-2 & 3 Years Old

0-1 Years Old: Someone told me a few years ago, take some of Baby P's favorite toys and stuffed animals and wrap them up right before Christmas. Save your money!! He will get more joy out of opening something he already likes vs something he has never seen. We did most of his unwrapping for him that year and his attention was more on the wrapping paper and bows than the gift itself.

1-2 Years Old: More of the same thing. Wrap up his toys and stuff he loves. If he's more towards 2 years old, wrap up a bunch of stuff because "Tearing off the wrapping paper," becomes REALLY FUN!!

Now we are heading towards 3 years old and Christmas is going to be so EXCITING!!! I can't wait to see the look on his face that morning when he sees his new train table with a big red bow on it. He's starting to realize what "Surprises" and "Presents" are.
**This is the BEST part. (He's 2.10 years old) I took him shopping with me and actually let him test the toys I was buying him for Christmas, then I bought them, right in front of him. He still has no idea this is what Santa is bringing him. He hasn't even asked me where they went. Out of sight out of mind. :) YAY!! This will definitely NOT be the case next year.

3+ Years Old - They know what they want and will definitely let you know. :)

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