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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clean Well Hand Sanitizer - Non Toxic & Safe

My friend Rebecca who blogs at :http://www.sharingmama.com recommended this to me and it is AWESOME!! It is great hand sanitizer and TOTALLY NATURAL. This should come in really handy right about now. You can get this at Whole Foods for approx. $5.
(Picture courtesy of cleanwelltoday.com)


  1. I think I saw this somewhere and WOW it looks great :) I hate the other alcohol based stuff but we use it anyway because I did not really know of anything else natural that I wanted to try. Besides, it hurts my kids hands (son has dry skin from Eczema and daughter gets cracked skin in the winter). Our son has really been helped with his Eczema though from his Vidazorb bellyboost probiotics and our whole family has been taking them now. I wanted to mention that I have heard too that these sanitizers are great for killing bugs...but that they kill the beneficial bacteria that we do need. So - I am glad we are taking our Vidazorb because that way the probiotics will replenish the good guys to boost our immunities!! Thanks for sharing this though, I do need to check it out for sure :)

  2. That is so great that the probiotics are working for your children's Eczema and cracked skin. My family loves probiotics. I have even been giving them to my dog. :)
    For dry skin I was just told extra virgin coconut oil works well? I put some on my hands today and it feels really silky and smells yummy. :)


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