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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preschool PANIC!!!


Take it from me, if you just had a baby and live in the (WEST) Los Angeles area....PUT HIM/HER on some lists NOW!!! DO NOT WAIT! The last thing most think of when they first have a child is ...what PRESCHOOL they will be going to. It seems so far in the future. IT'S NOT!! (My son was on a couple lists since he was 3 mths old and did not get in.)

  • Go to a website like SAVVYSOURCE.com to check out preschools in your area
  • Join a Moms Club so you ask the moms that already have kids in preschool what they think
  • Go to CityMommy.com and post questions or research preschools there
  • If the school is "Religious" find out about joining the whatever it is, church, temple etc...Most want you to be a "registered" member for AT LEAST a year. (Many of the schools that are at a "Religious Facility" actually have NO RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION but they accept "MEMBERS and SIBLINGS" first.
  • If your child has a JANUARY FEBRUARY birthday they may miss the CUTOFF to start in the fall in there 2's. Check with the specific school.
  • CHECK about having to be POTTY TRAINED???? Some schools make you take a break if your child is not totally potty trained and then you get asked to leave,....no refund.
  • Most of the time, preschools will offer your child an afternoon spot which is usually somewhere between 12-4ish because the morning spots are all taken.....if your child is napping then you might have a problem. (Mine naps, at age 3, for 2-3 hours between 12:30-3.) I feel he would be a wreck if he had to give this up but...he's also VERY active in the morning and all children are differnet. I cherish his sleep for health reasons as well as my SANITY!!! :)

(I will post my reasearch in the next few days :)

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