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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dr. Oz : Morning Sickness, cord blood banking & pre-planned c-sections

Today on Dr. Oz - Morning Sickness, cord blood banking & pre-planned c-sections:


Dr. Oz's morning sickness remedies:
Eat whole grain crackers when you wake up
Eat cold foods that have less aroma and are often more bland
Drink ginger root tea

Also: You can save your CORD BLOOD (cost me $350 just to have the DR. extract it)and send it to a BANK that will use it for someone else that needs it.


  1. i saw the program, and i was a bit disappointed. while i love dr. oz, i felt like i learned NOTHING on this show. oh well, maybe that's b/c i've already graduated from google medical school.

  2. Love Dr. Oz..he's so direct and to the point. :)


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